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Hi, I'm Leianne

Personal development became a passion of mine back in 2017. My mental health began failing and I was hospitalized temporarily until I could be stabilized. This was where I was introduced to DBT. After a 6 week β€œcrash course” on the subject, I made it my focus to improve my quality of life using the skills I had been armed with.

Fast forward just shy of a year and now my physical health is declining. Naturally, this has a major impact on my mental state as well. After months of agony, I am finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (as stemming from spinal stenosis and scoliosis). Once again, personal development became my focus.

Over the past year, I have developed many systems, tools and resources that have helped me maintain a quality of life I can be happy with. I am not only surviving, despite my chronic health issues, but I am thriving.