The main reason you are here is because you have an interest in personal development and you are currently looking for some magical master methods that will change your life. Sadly, if this is you, you are in the wrong place. There is nothing you will find here that will magically change your life in any way. The only “magic” that can do that is time, dedication and the desire to always be the best version of yourself.

Incidentally, this is exactly what I promote.

Over the course of each day I wear many hats. My day is never center focused around any one thing (unless someone is sick; that’s a game changer). The lifestyle I choose to live does not allow for me to have the structure of a regular 9-5 job. It’s easy to fall prey to distraction in my world. As a result, I absolutely must have very strict daily, weekly and monthly routines. Not only does mastering time management allow for a much more streamlined day, it also compounds my time into manageable doses so that every area of my life is constantly evolving. So how exactly do I accomplish this on the regular?

having a chronic illness is one of the hardest parts of being able to progress with my personal development. Thankfully, on my really bad “down” days, I have Simba cuddles to keep my mental health balanced.
Being a daughter and sister is also part of my life. Although I don’t spend nearly enough time with my sisters, taking care of my disabled mother is a regular part of my week.
Missouri midwest heat and humidity is no joke. It affects me both mentally and physically in exceedingly uncomfortable ways. Part of my personal development has been to manage through the constant changing weather and enjoy a positive quality pf life.

Personal development.

That’s right! I make sure that I am dedicating part of each day to bettering myself in some aspect. Whether I am continuing my education, volunteering with our school, planning “field trips” for the girls (as well as for myself; alone or with friends, a museum date is always a good form of personal development.) or simply reading, developing routines and providing myself with enrichment in some way, I make sure a decent chunk (at least 2 hours) of my day is centered around personal development.

Ok, but what is personal development?

Well, Wikipedia says:

Personal development covers activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and facilitate employability, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations

That sounds rather like a lot, no?

Let me break it down.

There are between 3-5 major areas that suck up the most of our lives: home and family, career and money, extracurricular, personal matters and tasks. Not all of us have equal amounts of any of these, I just want to point out. This is simply what I consider “the norm” for my own age bracket. For me, I have to invest at good chunk of my time in those particular categories. Some people will not have all 5 categories applied to their life and therefore can move on to the next.

Here are some examples of this grouping breakdown:

Home & Family:

  • home maintenance

  • cleaning & organizing

  • parenting & school

  • appointments

 Career & Money

  • work schedules

  • bill pay & budgeting

  • revenue streams

  • taxes & other fees


  • church or meetings

  • sporting events

  • clubs/scouts

  • “dates” or days out

  • entertainment

Personal Matters:

  • personal development

  • furthering education

  • fitness / wellness


  • time spent driving

  • errands

  • minute tasks

  • tasks for others

When you actually see the breakdown of where you are spending your time - it changes how you plan and structure your day.

This website was created to help others on their wellness and personal development journey. I will be sharing the paths I take, the forks I approach and the long road I know I have ahead. While I do invite you to follow along my journey, I also invite you to reach out to me with any ideas or thoughts you may have.

My promise to you is this:

I will do my best to provide only valuable content that I believe will benefit at least one of my readers out there. I promise to be honest to a fault and to only create content I believe will showcase my worth. Everything shared (unless otherwise stated) is 100% backed by my loyalty. From the brands I use and promote to the resources I use and share, I promise to bring you only that which truly did “work for me!”

Where do you want to start on your personal development journey?