Let's Get Started: Setting Up For Success

Intentional and mindful business coaching with Leianne Stevens

I want to start with your goals. For life and for business. What is your WHY.

Take some time to sit down and think that over. WHY do you want to take yourself and your business to the next level. Why are you getting serious NOW? Why not last year? What held you back then? Will there be any distractions this year that will prevent you from achieving your dreams? Why are you here? Why did you ask me to help you make your business a thriving and happy place? What changed since you last sat down with your goals?

Now it's time to a brain dump and pick four things to focus on:

  • Financial (do you want to move? Take a cruise? Pay off a debt?)

  • Personal (regular manicures for $20? How about a once a month massage?)

  • Physical (getting fit, meal planning, body image?)

  • Mental (feeling moodier than normal? Sleep schedule improvements?)

Don’t think about anyone else unless they fall into one of those categories. Your family doesn’t need to fall under its own category because everything you do to meet your goals in the above four areas will bring you to meeting those family goals.

Example: Paying off a $5000 credit card. This is something you are currently working on with whoever it is you share finances with (if anyone) already. You're already factoring what it costs a month and how much you need to pay extra to have it paid off by, say, June. You already know what all cntributions are.

If you make it your own financial goal to earn $20 each month extra to put towards the extra you're already paying, you're meeting your family goal. AND paying the debt off sooner

Make sense? Great! Let's move on!

Now I want to know how those goals can be applied to your business. What social networks do you plan to use (3 at least and Pinterest isn't a social media network, it’s a search engine) to get exposure? What research have you done to make sure when you do promote you do it correctly.

Why did you choose these particular platforms? How do they fit into you meeting your goals? What do you plan to use them for? Having your overall goals listed in front of you will allow you to chose the platforms most likely to benefit what your plans for your business are. Basically, if you already know that Twitter is out of your scope of possibility, don't linger over it.

Speaking of...

Let's talk about Twitter for a sec.

Tweets self-promotion are pretty much the best friends who lost their first tooth together, graduated high school together and later married and had kids – you guessed it! – together. Twitter is about right now! Even if you feel overwhelmed or know that it isn't a platform you particularly like, I urge you to to revisit Twitter as a business. I can make it your Twitter management easy by recommending you use Pinterest + Hootesuite. Basically, take an hour a week to schedule Tweets from the Pins you are already saving. We will go over this more later but I want you to keep your eyes open when researching all of your social media options. Definitely get another Insta for business as well. We can talk about Planoly for scheduling grams too. << #mytwocents Doing these things keeps you in the flow and relevant while showcasing yourself as an “expert”. I spend 3 hours a week scheduling across my social and sharing platforms. That’s it. Create a social media routine where you can check in periodically throughout the day to e gage where needed and regularly post “live time” on said platforms 7-10 times a week. Easy peasy!

In the meantime

Along with your above goal setting homework, I want you to come up with three people; just like you, that you would feel comfortable emulating. Do their goals align with yours? Why do you look up to them? Who would you most like to mentor you if you could have anyone? Why are these the people you admire, what makes you feel connected to them? On the flip side, who do you want to mentor? Who is your product/service for? Why is it for them? Be specific? Outline who you feel would most benefit from what you offer (I named my ideal follower “Peggy”. #realtalk). I cannot stress enough that these descriptions should be packed with detail.

Think of it as if you were creating a character. A character who is focused entirely on adoring you and everything you share. Does she enjoy reading books and camping? Or perhaps she's a glamour girl who sets the bar on fashion. What do you offer her that keeps her coming back for more? Dig down deep using your goals and your WHY to think up characteristics, demographics and visual descriptions that match exactly who your target reader would be.

Be ready for our next session with your list of goals, your WHY and who your ideal reader or target audience is.

HOMEWORK: Define your why and get your goals listed in those four areas I talked about above, create a target reader and hone in on the exact person you want following you. When you're ready to schedule our next session let me know and we can take it from there!

Download and print the Brain Dump Guide!


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