Designing for the Future

When I first started my business it was all about design. I wanted to design pretty websites for creative minded owners. And that I did. As I grew my own small business I had to read and research, market and design for myself. My day had become 90% working on my business and I was barely working for my clients. That's when I decided to switch tactics and become a business coach as well. This way I could teach others everything I had learned about growing my company.


It worked. 


People started wanting my coaching services more and my design services next. When I inquired with one client about why she wasn't interested in design, she stated she was switching to Squarespace (yay for you!) and using the templated services with custom imagery. My mind was blown. That's what I had done myself. Suddenly, everyone was a designer. 

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Generating Email Leads with TryInteract

The short version is that Interact provides you with a quiz to post on your site and everyone who takes the quiz is generated to an email list of your choice.

The long version is that Interact offers both premade and completely customizable quizes to attach to your website via an HTML code. When readers pop over to the page you have specified (I chose to make it the first things readers see), they will be able to take whatever quiz you have designed. With Interact, you can literally design a quiz about absolutely anything because you can completely customize the questions. So whether it's how well they know how to knit or how much they love Johnny Depp, the quiz possibilities are endless! 

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My Weekday Morning Routine

Even during the summer, my morning routine is one of the most important parts of my day. It sets the time for the rest of the day, and often, the whole weeks mood can be determined by a successful Monday morning routine. 


Ideally, I could wake up, grab my coffee and begin my work day. Before I can eat my frogs, I first have to set up for success. So here's the skinny on how I get the weekday balls rolling.

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