Planning for a New Quarter (April, May & June)

How far do you plan ahead? Weekly? Monthly? My post on quarterly planning will definitely help inspire you plan further ahead; without planning T O O far ahead! | planning | planning ahead | quarterly planning |

A new quarter is a lot like a new year here in the EAE home. And planning for a new quarter may start off easy but winds up looking like a huge mess. I love it anyway. Messes prove that life is truly being lived and that all that living is to the fullest. 

My planning for a new quarter usually starts with an evaluation of the previous quarter. I ask myself:

  • What worked? What didn't?

  • What could have been done better?

  • What made the quarter awesome?

  • What habits did we/I create? What habits needed follow through?

  • Did I reach my goals? What do I need to work on to reach them?

I know it looks like quite a bit to evaluate but, if you keep a planner (like I do; order yours H E R E), it really isn't all that difficult to go over the last three months and start planning the new quarter out. Plum Paper makes it even easier with their new b r a i n s t o r m i n g add-on. I ordered one this year and have spent a ton of time wondering how I lived without it. 

Overall, planning for a new quarter means really looking deep into the previous months and taking a long hard look. Be honest with yourself. You don't have to share any of it on social media. But if you do, tag me! @elleayesse across all platforms!

Once you have fully evaluated the last quarter, you can start mapping out your next one. Everything is in the details. Keep your main focus in the forefront of your mind and think ahead to end goals. Naturally, you'll want to make sure any schedules, events and appointments are plugged in and that they are all up to date before you can fully start planning the new quarter. This is also a really great time to take note of any and all things you need to schedule and plan some time to tackle that list. 

In order, the most important things to go into my quarter plans are:

  • Budgeting and bill pay

  • Abbi's schedule (tests, major homework/projects, bowling, visits to MawMaw and Papa's, after school activities and friends birthdays)

  • Lily's schedule (my volunteering time, girl scouts, school events and parties to attend)

  • My schedule (fitness, personal meal plan, blog stuffs, family meal plans, part-time work, volunteering and other personal junk)

  • Appointments/events/activities not associated with the above

  • How I will be meeting my goals

  • Schedules for other family members, as needed

Most of this is pretty easy to round up. It either hasn't changed for the new quarter or I am well connected (via paperwork or online information) and able to transfer everything I need. 

I really like working quarter by quarter and planning for each in this way because it allows me to keep the focus on N O W and not stress over the rest of the year. I keep large enveloped with details for the next quarter and another for things happening throughout the year (that don't fit into the current quarter). As things are planned, I can easily throw the details into their respective envelope and relieve the stress of planning ahead. If I do need to, I can grab whatever envelope I need and refer to dates/times when scheduling later events. Again, this majorly takes the stress off of planning beyond a single quarter. 

Once I have everything I need to plan my quarter, I start breaking things down, month by month. That, however, is a post for another day!

How do you plan? Are you planning for the new quarter? Are you a yearly planner? Tell me, tell me! I wanna know!

Meanwhile, I'll see you in the next post,



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How far do you plan ahead? Weekly? Monthly? My post on quarterly planning will definitely help inspire you plan further ahead; without planning T O O far ahead! Come on by and find out how you can streamline your year with quarterly planning!

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