Updating My Morning Routine

Do you have your mornings under control? I sure didn't! After a lot of analyzing, contemplating and deciding what was working and what wasn't, I was able to create a functional morning routine. Streamline your mornings by checking out my updated morning routine.

I used to struggle with mornings. It was always hard to keep myself on task, remember what needed doing and stay in line with habit stacking. I decided to get some control over my mornings at the start of the year and I've managed to maintain control so far. Here's how I did it:

get up earlier

I know, I know. Who wants to rise and shine any sooner than you have to? I had a goal of rising an hour before my oldest needed to meet the school bus during week (6:30 am CST) days so I started by setting my alarm back 5 minutes each week. After just a few weeks I was rising that hour earlier and not feeling like I had a hangover with no fun the night before. Set a time goal and make it yours!

Helpful tip: set your alarm to play soothing music that gradually gets louder. this allows you to rise easier and not face the day with a pounding headache

ditch the coffee

Whaaaa Yooo Say now?! For real you guys. I started my day by chugging 8 oz of water first thing followed by a green detox tea. The results were way awesome. Not only did I feel healthier but I found I was more productive in the hustle and bustle of getting everyone to school on time. However, after everyone was off and I had the house to myself, I drank all the coffee ;-)

ready your body

By which I mean do some sort of working out. You can stretch, do yoga or slam out a full body workout. For me, I like to start off with a program from WorkoutLabs followed by playing a relaxing playlist on Spotify while I cool down with morning yoga. This really gets the blood pumping, which fuels your brain. Don't forget to keep drinking that water! 

go over your plans

If you're not already, you need to be using a planner (check out my planner here & here). I like to start planning my week on Sunday's but inevitably, I need to construct each day the night before. My days run so much smoother this way. After getting my blood flowing I take a look in my PPP and see the layout of the day. Appointments, meetings, what's happening while the kids are in school. Additionally, I keep a work planner and a batch list in my Wunderlist app on my phone for my blog/business so I check in there too. Once I have a good idea of how my day will go, I refill that coffee and get to it. 

Obviously, not every day runs as smoothly as I would like. But most days I can keep everything corralled and everyone/thing where it needs to be. Weekends are different. I like sleep and sleep and sleep...

What's your morning routine? Does it work well for you?

Meanwhile, I'll see you in the next post,


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