Planning For A Successful 2017 (my planning setup)


The end of 2016 is approaching and with it comes a new year of planning trial and error. Honestly, I can't even believe how many planners I went through this year (nevermind the $$$ spent on them!) The god news is that by planning ahead (ha! See what I did there :-P) I as able to create the most perfect home management system that will fit my every need! 

A quick note: This planner is strictly for home management planning and not my daily planner. It's a Plum Paper Planner and I ordered it with all the bells and whistles, then ripped it apart and put it back together (with the help of the nice people over at my local Office Max) exctly how I wanted it.

In the photos you're about to see, you will catch a glimpse inside how I am planning a successful 2017 and how I will be accomplishing all my goals, completing projects and (somehow) staying on task. Ready?

FullRes PPP Cover.jpg

Here's the lovely cover I have chosen. It's beautiful and floral and even has my name on it!

PPP Special Dates

After opening that gorgeous cover there's a space for notes (not shown) followed by these special dates pages. This allows me to record everyone's birthday, anniversaries or other precious milestones I want to keep on hand. 

PPP Ideas Plans Goals

Next up we have my Ideas, Plans & Goals pages. Here I can keep track of the projects I have assigned myself each month. As you can see, January will start off strong with the creation of a new capsule wardrobe. Lots of big things happening in the year to come!

PPP Passwords & Contacts

Following the Ideas page I have a few pages for more notes (not shown) and then a page to store my passwords (which I reset annually) and for important contacts. I like having this at a glance so I can easily refer to it when I need to mail something off or just get the information for my GPS. 

PPP Contacts & To Do

Here I have the second contacts page and a project to do list. I like being able to break up those monthly ideas and goals into manageable, bite sized pieces and check them off as they happen.  

PPP Goals & Meals

Then I have a space for further monthly goals where I can keep track of each item I want to make sure I accomplish each month (such as staying on track with my steps or reading) and a page for listing out our favorite meals. This comes in really handy when meal planning as I just need to reference what we love and add it to the rotation.  

PPP Take Out & Memories

This is one of my favorite sections because I can easily get to our favorite take out/delivery places. e don't eat out a lot but when we do we want to make sure we're not spending a ton of time deciding. On the other side is a place to record the years milestones and favorite moments as well as a quote keeper for those quotes that I want to always keep on hand. 

PPP Bills & Holidays

The last section in my up front and at-a-glance section is a place to record my bills each month for easy migration into the monthly and weekly sections as well as a list of all the major U.S. holidays.

PPP January Main & Fitness

Now we can move into what each month will look like for me. I have a 12 month Family (ME) planner and I have designated pages throughout the month to keep track of pretty much everything. To show you an example, here's the January main page where I can record the upcoming events for the month, birthdays and other things I want t keep on hand as well as my monthly fitness tracker. I have workouts planned for the whole month and this tracker even includes a section for how much water I drank so I don't have to use a daily tracker. Yay!

PPP January Fitness & Habits

On the other side of the fitness list I have a monthly goal and plan. Here I've recorded what my goals are - fitness wise - as well as my plan of action. As the month progresses I will fill in the other sections as well. 

Next t that is my habit tracker. l though I do use a weekly tracker for things like signing my daughters kindergarten folder, I have a long list of things I know I need to do every single day. Some of them are life related, others for business. Either way, it's all listed out.  

PPP Habits & Meal Plan

No planner would be complete without a monthly space for meal planning so opposite the habit tracker is where I can (and will be recording the meals for each day of the month. One of the things I want to get better about is planning breakfasts and lunches - and sticking with it!

PPP Groceries & Gratitude

On the other side of the meal plan is where I can break those weekly meals into a shopping list for what I need to make each dish. This doesn't include the rest of the list (which lives in the Wunderlist app on my phone) but it does allow for me to see what goes in what. 

I plan to record my daily gratitude next to that, right before the start of the month!

PPP January Spread

I haven't filed anything in just yet but here's a quick look at how the months are laid out in the PPP.

PPP January Week 1

Each week is broken down by section and allows me a very simple view of things that absolutely need to be done. A majority of this will get transferred to my daily planner along with detailed to do lists.

I like to keep a general to do in the sidebar for easy access and have each day broken down in sweet simplicity.

And there you have it folks! My 2017 home management planner. Here's hoping it will keep the whole family on track as we refer to it often. 

Do you already have your 2017 plan in place? What planner will you be using? 

Until next time, 


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