My Weekday Morning Routine

Even during the summer, my morning routine is one of the most important parts of my day. It sets the time for the rest of the day, and often, the whole weeks mood can be determined by a successful Monday morning routine. 


Ideally, I could wake up, grab my coffee and begin my work day. Before I can eat my frogs, I first have to set up for success. So here's the skinny on how I get the weekday balls rolling.

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My Evernote System: UPDATED

For you longtime followers (and a huge thank you if that's you!), you may remember that a few years back I posted back when I was still using Blogger all about how I used Evernote as an editorial calendar (as well as to manage my entire life!). Well, y'all, since that post went live so long ago, I have updated the way I do things and thought I would take some time today to show you the new system I am using. 

For those of you who may not know, Evernote is, essentially, a note taking system. At least, that's the simple explanation of Evernote. In reality, Evernote is so. much. more! You see, Evernote is basically my brain. I have folders for pretty well off everything I could possibly need in my life. Although I do not use Evernote as a planning system, it is still where my life is stored. 

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