Back to Business & 6 Lessons Learned

When I came back a few months ago, I really thought I was ready to be here. I wasn't. I pushed myself too hard and tried to do something I wasn't ready for. True, I had thought I was ready but in reality, I was still healing and regulating myself. I fooled myself into thinking I was ready to get back to work. Lesson Learned

Getting back to business is not easy when you have taken as much time off as I have. Instead of trying to take things where I left off, I am instead building an entirely new business - mindfully and with intention. 

I used to really love designing websites. I was quite successful, designing beautiful web spaces for people I believed had a passion. Passion is required when it comes to making a life. Not all of us have things we are passionate about. So instead, we find things we kinda like and run with it. Tell ourselves "nothing's perfect". Lesson Learned

Returning to work is hard. I spent the better part of a year up and down with myself on what direction I wanted to take the EAE Blog Studio. Did I still want to design? Do I want to write full time? Do I want to coach? How will I make money from my site? All valid questions I spent a year putting off answering until I realized I no longer had a business. Ooops. Lesson Learned

My year away brought revelations about myself I wasn't sure I would ever be ready to face. Then I realized that if I could battle myself and win, I could build a new business and find my success. I just had to want it. I had to find out how to spark that burning passion again. And It wasn't going to be found laying on the couch day after day watching That 70's Show. Lesson Learned

Binge watching TV is a great way to relax. But when you spend more time relaxing and dreaming of ways to make it big - you're not actually achieving anything. 

Money became a motivating factor. Oh. Emm. Gee! I have B I L L S ! Yeah, we all do, right? Bills suck but they are necessary. And so we work to pay them and to buy the things that make us happy. My planners make me happy but supplies cost money. Thus, restart my business before I am ready and start making money. Lesson Learned

I will never be 100%. I will never be that girl who stays motivated and happy through the best and the worst. I will always try to run at the first sign things are going south. But I have somehow managed to learn to control and contain that side. Through weeks and months of trial and error, I seem to have found my light under the bushel. It was within me all the time! Lesson Learned

If you are on my mailing list (what do you mean you don't subscribe? Clicky click to get yourself on the list now!), you already know that I am in the process of building a business. A new business. Taking EAE in a new direction. I'm excited and scared but I am definitely ready this time. There is nothing standing in my way anymore. I have ideas and ways to implement them so why not seize the opportunity? Strike while the iron is hot?

Yeah, I love metaphor ;-)

So it's time to get back to business. Back to doing what I love - no matter how much I had to tweak it - and back to helping others. 

My aim is to roll out more valuable content, to showcase life in a way that seems liveable and to reach as many people who are struggling with where they are in life. It's true that "nothing's perfect" but then again that's because none of us are. Don't strive for perfection - aim much higher: Make your goal to surprise yourself. 

And on that note, I leave you. The following posts will consist of more ways to find balance, ways to create peace and ways to build your business mindfully and with intention. 

Let's do this! 


Elle Ay Esse

I'm Elle, a California girl transplanted to the Midwest with a goal of landing in New Orleans some time in the next five years. I'm self taught in all aspects of design, harking back to the bygone era of MySpace custom flash layouts. I have an eye for pattern and a love for color that makes me a perfect candidate for working as a web designer. Combining my love of design with coding and helping others and I am a natural teacher of all things blog related. My first ever blog was created on AOL Hometowns back n 2003 so I have had a lot of time and experience watching Blog Land grow and evolve and become a place of sharing stories, reviewing products and even making enough money to help support their families.