The 5 Pages Your Blog NEEDS

Blog pges are a necessary evil. In order to have ways for people to reach out and get in contact us,, to lead your readers exactly where you want them to go or just to have a place where you store your posts, every navigation bar needs at leas the following five pages. And here's why...

Pages are one of the major banes if my existence. Even on my personal blog I really just do not like creating and using pages. But, alas, they are far too important to forget or, in my case, try to deliberately overlook. You see, pages do serve a greater purpose and they definitely make your blog much more streamlined. They can easily help guide your readers exactly where you want them to go and can double as a way to catalog your posts. Yes, you very likely have a blog post archive, but pages are far more convenient on your readers (in my experience, no one ever uses that blog archive. They reply on popular posts, reader favorites and or related posts to navigate once they have finished with whatever it is that landed them on your blog in the first place).

I have spent the last three years creating, deleting, promoting and other such nonsense my pages. I've had indexes and archives, About Me's and random junk that I always meant to actually do something with but never did. As it turned out, I didn't need a drop down menu because 90% of my readers used my labels to find posts or searched directly in the search bar. Many bloggers live and die by their search bars? Me, I say take 'em or leave 'em. But there are at least five pages that every blogger agrees is needed for a smooth navigation bar. And I'm here to share with you what they are!

Every single one of you reading this posy should pretty well know what an About Me page is. And if you don't, you had better learn quickly! The About Me page might be one of the most important pages you could ever create. Why? Because people want and need to connect to a real person. Even if you are running a business, your About Me page is one of the first that potential customers, clients, sponsors and affiliates will jump to in order to help them decide if you are a good fit for whatever it is they are looking for. 

Want some help with your about me page? Check out my tips here in this post.

Along the lines of the About Me page, this is a very important page to have on your blog. It should be kept separate from your About Page as it will likely contain all sorts of info regarding the best methods of how to reach you versus the About Page containing the details of who you are. 

Some ideas on what to include:

  • A Contact form for readers to fill out
  • Direct email links that open into an actual email as well as an email address clearly listed
  • Links to your social media platforms
  • Other places around the web where your work has been featured and who to contact in regards to same. 
  • Your phone number (if you wish to be contacted by calls or texts

As I stated, these are simply ideas. If you have any others I would love to hear them!

If you are a blogger with a lot of posts, and I mean a LOT of posts, you may want to consider a "Start Here" page. You should include things like your personal favorite posts, reader favorites as well as links to all the main points you would want new readers to see and follow. Consider the "Stat Here" page similar to a home tour. It's the front door your readers can walk through and feel free to make themselves right at home!

I absolutely cannot stress the importance of a TOU page. I talked a little while ago about disclaimers and why you need one and the same applies to a TOU page. Not only do you need a disclaimer on your home page (preferably every page) but you also need a place where you can go into detail about your privacy and sharing policies, affiliates and sponsored posts, and more about your disclaimer. A TOU page is simply smart for business and, you never know, may just keep you from getting sued!

This page was/is always the hardest to build. Because you will want to make sure everything is indexed properly it can be very time consuming to get in order. Simply put this is where you will showcase everything. Yes, everything. I have seen some bloggers who use a "recipe" gallery or a "project gallery". Those are simply fancy words for index. By indexing all your posts you will be able to allow your readers to find everything they cold possibly want right there on one page. To get started, simply break your blog down into categories (not labels) and then pluck each post in those categories into these sections. 

Funny how it happens that we never really think about the state of our blog pages. But in reality they are easily some of the most important content we can curate. Your navigation bar or menu is what welcomes in your readers and keeps them on your site. By not having the necessary pages and by not maintaining them you are actually showing your readers a very disorganized space. So let's get to cleaning up those pages and leave me a link to yours so I can see the work you put in!

How many pages do you feel are necessary to have on your blogs navigation bar? Head on over to Twitter and join the conversation or leave me a comment here with your blogs URL so I can come by and see how you have your navigation set up!

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