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ElleyPlans is my "planner name" on Instagram. It's my handle for the planner community and it's how everyone recognizes my planners from anyone elses. I love being ElleyPlans because that's just who I am. I'm Elley and I plan.

ElleyPlans is my "planner name" on Instagram. It's my handle for the planner community and it's how everyone recognizes my planners from anyone elses. I love being ElleyPlans because that's just who I am. I'm Elley and I plan. 

If you've ever hung around in one of the many planner groups I frequent or followed my posts on IG, you'll notice that I am a die hard Plum Paper girl and that I do, in fact, like to decorate with stickers. 

But that's not all there is to how I plan. It isn't all just spending a fortune on stickers and slapping them into each week's layout. Oh no. You see there's more to my planner than a bunch of cute stickers. 

True, I like to use a weekly theme to set the tone for the week but there's more functional stickers than anything else. Take a look at this break down:

How do they break down? Let's take a look at my upcoming weekly spread:

The Sidebar:

I do have the decoration up first because it's a holiday week. I love this quote and thought it should be prominent.

"Important", "Must Do" and "To Clean" are pretty self-explanatory and are in every sidebar of every week in my planner. I also use them in the monthly view to show what's what that month. In the "Important" box I usually put things like "doctor's appointment", "get gas" and such. "Must Do" contains my client list or else some other focus items. "To Clean" is fairly obvious but sometimes I include a note to clean my computer or my daughters Kindle. 

On the Docket (or sometimes a work "to do" and client list is usually featured in each weeks layout unless for some reason I am not working with anyone that week. In this case it's a "work" and "goal" sticker that I list my clients in. 

Habit trackers are the best sticker ever created. As I said in part one, if I don't put it in my planner, it doesn't get done. Usually I have things like "face and teeth" to remember to wash my face and brush my teeth as well as IG & Tweet so I can make sure I am live tweeting at least once daily and posting on IG at least once. Right now the third habit tracker is for my daughter, who is getting ready to start Kindergarten. I just have "KG Prep" written in so I can make sure I am working with her to guarantee she is ready for school this year. 

The Week As A Whole:. 

I should clarify here that right now I am using a Plum Paper "Just Lines" vertical layout. It is just each day with a series of lines for writing tasks and a short checklist at the bottom. Here's how I use it:

Dots (or checklist circles) are how I make sure my to do list is in order. although I do color code my pens, the colored dots do not have any symbolism other than that they fit the theme I chose for that week. Or else they are Plum Paper grey to match the overall look of the planner. I use several of these each day to list my client work, my to do's and all that jazz. 

Half boxes with flags mark sensitive or important events in a day. Sometimes it's for play dates, girls night or other fun things and other times it highlights a major event for a client. Overall, I can use them at a glance to see what the days focus is going to be. However, just because it's a focal point doesn't mean I put anything in chronological order or even order of importance. Rather, I let color coding lead the way and group my day as such. 

Page flags with icons usually keep me on track for things such as posting my spread three days a week on Instagram, when the cats get treats, logging my steps for the week, when I am doing my nails, bath time, planning time, or on Wednesdays when I have a dinner date with my oldest daughter each week. I use a variety of "flags" from the actual flags to scalloped edge quarter boxes and even just cute round pointer stickers. It all depends on my mood and what will look best in the overall aesthetic of the weeks theme. 

"Weekend" banners are really just because I like them. They serve no purpose as any idiot can look at the top and see the days and that it is, in fact, the weekend. But all the same, I like them. Either I use what comes with a theme or I choose a coordinating color from my sheet of flags. 

The two full boxes on the weekend (at the bottom) are also there simply because I like them and because I do not need full weekend planning. I am usually out and about and doing things so there's no need for full space here. Plus, like how they pull the entire over all look together. 

The Checklist:

In my checklist I like to keep things simple. Usually I put my sister's work schedule, my blog posts flags and envelopes to mark I am sending a newsletter. Additionally this is where I put the TV shows that are airing that week and other small notes that don't need too go "up top". 

And really that is is. I love having everything "at-a-glance", as it were and being able to know just what is on my daily to do list without having to look through a million things. Since I color code my to do list, it's easy to tell who is doing what, where or what needs doing or to be worked on. 


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