Rebuilding A Brand | The 3 C's

Rebuilding A Brand | The 3 C's

When you have spent as long as I did out of practice and out of touch with your business, you'll start to find it more and more difficult to rebuild your brand. This is the issue I am currently facing and, trust me, the struggle is real. After many months away, I am having to establish trust through consistency with my readers. And that, my friends, is hard! Still, considering all the problems I recently faced, this task feels pretty light.

So what do I need to be focused on?

1 | Consistency: Dropping off the face of the earth, for any reason, hurts business. This means I have had no work, no comments, no anything at all for several months. To start out right, I need to prove consistency for my brand. For now this means posting here regularly and participating in some amazing Facebook groups focused on business.

2 | Communication: Many noticed my blog posts stopped but so did my newsletters! Since my content here and in my emails is my biggest for of communication, I need a plan to put everything back in order. If you're reading this, you can see blogging is returning but I still need a newsletter plan. My goal here is to establish communication with my followers but also to avoid overwhelm. If things go well, you'll be seeing a newsletter every week again soon!

3 | Creativity: Part of my issue with brain health is that I can stay creative but have little to no motivation. The good news is that I am managing this a lot better so the creativity can start really flowing again. My creative spark is one thing I love most about myself so I need to make sure I am constantly nurturing it.

Because I have been at the beginning (not once but a few times now!) before, I know I have the tools to get on track and; hopefully, stay there!

What are your big "secrets" or steps to creating an action plan for your business?

until next time,

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Elle Ay Esse

I'm Elle, a California girl transplanted to the Midwest with a goal of landing in New Orleans some time in the next five years. I'm self taught in all aspects of design, harking back to the bygone era of MySpace custom flash layouts. I have an eye for pattern and a love for color that makes me a perfect candidate for working as a web designer. Combining my love of design with coding and helping others and I am a natural teacher of all things blog related. My first ever blog was created on AOL Hometowns back n 2003 so I have had a lot of time and experience watching Blog Land grow and evolve and become a place of sharing stories, reviewing products and even making enough money to help support their families.