Utilizing Your Blogs Footer

The Footer of a blog is one of the most commonly overlooked areas in blog design. Here's just a few ways you can use your imagination and create a seamless and polished blog layout in just a few steps.

As a designer, I like to take an empty space and make the entire thing beautiful and functional. I have a thing about wasting space and, on your blog, it is one of the most important design DON'T you can make. 

A footer can be used for anything you can imagine. I know some designers who like to keep it simple and make it just a place for copyrighting or attribution. I shared a post awhile back about how to unlock widgets/gadgets on Blogger and by utilizing that trick you can easily remove the stock Blogger attribution and have a blank, clean space to work from.

That said, I present to you:

Ways to Use Your Footer

(& stop wasting space!)

1. Use it to show off some fun buttons or images that generate traffic to specific places.

Utilizing Your Blogs Footer - Example 1

As you can see from my footer, right here on this blog, I use the space (split into three columns) to generate traffic to what I consider to be my "hot spots". I kept the scheme and design flowing with the background of my images and focused on three areas I wanted to target: My "Be A Blogger" ongoing series, my "Get Started" designing page and my social media. I created the images in my favorite photo editing program (Photoscape: PS It's free!) and then image mapped it where I wanted the links to go. 

2. Copyrighting, Disclaimers & Links:

Utilizing Your Blogs Footer - Example 2

Helen knew she wanted to proudly display her blog's copyright info and definitely wanted to throw a disclaimer where all could see it. When creating her design, she also wanted to show off who her designer was and so we decided to maximize her footer, keeping all that info front and center. 

By creating some fun heading graphics and adding in text and links, we were able to make a footer that accommodated all her wants & needs as well as keep the flow of her design while adding some pop. 

3. Show off who you read:

Utilizing Your Blogs Footer - Example 3

As a blogger, I also read blogs. Although I have not been asked to, I also like to show off who I am reading the most. My list is rather short. The people I share here in my footer are near and dear to me. For one reason or another I gravitate towards them like moths to a flame and all of them are people I consider to be a friend. The time I have spent building a relationship with those in the third column of my footer gives them top space and I am proud to know them and show them off. 

The first column shows my passion: reading and reviewing books. Yes, I live and breathe design and I have never met an HTML code I didn't love. But reading rules all and I love sharing where I share. 

The center is my own button that can be grabbed and displayed on any page using the attached grab code. 

Win win for all involved!

4. Categories & Affiliates

Utilizing Your Blogs Footer - Example 4

Kim Six is a dear friend of mine. In a lot of ways I also idolize her. Her ability to run an efficient blog as well as maintain all the working relationships she has with her affiliates is mind blowing. Because she has so.man.affiliates she needed a place to categorize her posts AND show who she is proud to work with. 

This she used her footer to have a showcase of all those affiliate buttons that would have otherwise clouded up her sidebar AND added all her tags to the footer to continue saving space. 

5. All The Details

Utilizing Your Blogs Footer - Example 5

I Heart Planners is a blog I did not design but absolutely love anyway. I actually used this blog to consult what all I would like in a planner and how I wanted it set up. Laura used her footer to showcase her Etsy shop as well as the various ways you can connect with her. She also decided to add in a link to her about page. 

I love the way she did not just include link to the various pages she wanted to add here. She took the time and opportunity to add images and really make it her own. 

Easy on the eyes and completely functional? Yes please!

*   *   *   *   *

The lesson to be learned here is that your footer is not a place to just add a copyright and move on. You can do anything at all if you can imagine it. Don't overlook potential space on your blog. You wouldn't leave a closet empty so why leave your footer empty.

How can you use your footer to maximize your valuable blog real estate and still appear professional and fluid? Leave me a comment here with a link so I can check out how you have chosen to utilize your blogs footer.

Until next time

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