My Design Process

Did you know that it only takes 15 seconds or less for a reader to decide if they’re going to continue reading your blog or website. And once that decision has been made, it snowballs from there into whether or not they will sign up for your newsletters, follow you on social media or bookmark you to come back. That means you have around 10 seconds to make a lasting first impression on every new reader who finds their way to your home on the web. Content may be king, but design is what lures them in. And having a so-so design, disorganized pages and a sidebar that goes on for miles is one of the fastest ways to lose your readers.

Chances are if you are looking at this page you're in need of a custom blog design. As a blogger myself, I cannot stress enough how very important this investment is. It’s crucial to the development of your blog and it’s the single most important thing you can invest in. And, well, you've come to the right place! Here at Pink Flame Designs I am 100% centered and focused on making sure that you have all of the components you need to build a webpage or blog for your personal use. And to ensure your readers keep coming back.

Rather than take up your time with who I am, I will simply direct you here to my personal blog or here to learn more about me, the designer behind PFD; blogger, mommy and lover of all things pretty. Let’s continue on this page with what I can do for you and your blog!

Whether you need me to fully design your newest project or you have imagery you would like incorporated, I am 100% committed to making sure that all of your online needs are met - complete with social media assistance and custom graphics! I specialize in Blogger (Blogspot) design and have taken some time to myth bust more than half of those terrible things people always say when bashing Blogger as a platform. The truth is that you can use your Blogger blog to grow your following, share your content and become a top blogger. And you can have a design that stands out and doesn't even look like it’s being hosted on Blogger!

So how do we start Elle?

Now I know you came to this page because you are ready to learn more about how you can get started today. It’s super simple as I am always just an email away and if you are ready to move along with your own custom design, simply shoot me your blogs URL and what you are looking to do. Within 24 hours I will have a response for you, usually a series of questions to answer before I submit a quote to you with everything outlined in detail.

Once you have looked it over (and asked any questions you may have) I will send you an invoice via PayPal for the agreed amount. Once said invoice has been paid, I will be sending you a new client welcome packet full of instructions on how we will proceed along with a copy of my TOU as well as a link to a test blog hosted on my personal blogger account. There will also be some client homework that I need completed right away. I can't start working on anything else until I have that homework.

To simplify, here's the breakdown of how the process works with me:


  • First up is to have you create a SECRET board on Pinterest and add me to it. 

This is where you will put any and all elements that inspire you. And I mean everything! I want to see patterns, textures, fonts, even other people's blogs that you want to emulate. Have a favorite sidebar design? Pin it! Love the use of watercolor? Pin it! The only thing I do not offer are custom social media icons. I do however, provide a set of icons for your use that are specifically designed to be in complete accordance with all of the various social platforms copyright codes. This Pinterest board is going to be how I create your mood board and how I make sure that all elements are being captured.

  • Next I will use all the inspiration from the Pin board you have to create your mood board.


About a week after we have fine tuned all your details I will be taking various Pins and using them to put together a Mood or Inspiration board. Here's a few samples: 

Previous Client Mood/Brand Boards:

As you can see, I have used some actual Pins from these lovely ladies boards and used them in conjunction with their favorite font choices to create a base for the design we will build. Not every element will be used when we begin plugging it all in to the test blog but a good portion will be used, especially things like color, fonts and texture. 

  • After you approve the mood board, the next step is to stat plugging in the stock site items.

What I prefer to do and what I have found to be the easiest for all my clients is to use one of the many templates that come stock on the platform of your choosing and add in basic elements, as kind of a rough draft, and build from there. I use two stock fonts for the basics (think post body and headings) and I usually use a split sidebar an three part footer. Of course, this is entirely negotiable if you have a different vision. I will create a test post on this design page so that you can see exactly what your links, headings, and images will look like once you have it installed. Then I will submit these bare bones to you for finalization. Once that is done, the design fun begins. 

  • Designing your header, sidebar and footer:

This is where it becomes crucial that we are communicating as much as possible because it's where I will be fine tuning exactly what will become your personal brand. Having open communication is priority, I am not a mind reader. Although I pride myself on being able to nail each clients style and vision, I cannot do it alone. I offer unlimited revisions until you declare the design complete. After that I will have to charge for each revision because it does take time and a lot of effort to draw up these designs. This period usually takes about a week, depending on how often we are communicating. 

  • Finalization of your new design:

When we reach the finalization stage we are at the home stretch. This is the last major part of the process and you will be requested to go over the test blog with a fine toothed comb. I will need you to check every link, every page we have designed for accuracy and to really make sure that you are "married" to your new branding. I usually require a three day period after you declare your design complete before I will officially install it to your personal site. This is because it's easier for me to make changes before install and there may be items that need tweaking even after you have declared it complete. 

Now for a few notes and other details

All contact is usually done via email so make sure you have added my email address ( to your contacts. Using email as a main form of communication allows me to save everything in a special file designated just to you so that we can refer back if needed and also allows you to send me anything you need or want in a clean and simplified manner. Please note that I cannot build a design if we have no communication. I have a two week period where I will hold your payment and the design, however if I do not hear from you after numerous email attempts within two weeks I will terminate our contract and delete all files. If termination does happen, all payments are on-refundable as part of the agreement is communication. Although I only actively work Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I am almost always available via email so don’t hesitate to send me anything, any time. Though each client is different, I spend a good amount of time working in depth with each one to bring them the best service possible. Specializing in Blogger design, I can safely say that customization is key for both myself and each individual I work with. 

I am thrilled you've decided to take the initiative and get your blog in order. I offer a variety of services for any and all levels of bloggers and their experience level. From creative coaching and full design coverage to spot cleaning and re-branding, I am 100% sure that I will be able to create the perfect custom package to suit all your design needs.

Get started now by sending me an email so we can create something beautiful together today or you can also easily click on any of my pages or links in my sidebar to get more information, check out my client list or browse the blog. Together we will make your blog shine and go from "bland" to BRAND today!