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I cannot express enough just how thrilled I am that you have popped on by my design studio & blog. Now I recommended you start here because I thought we should take some time to get to know each other a little.

I'm Elle, a California girl transplanted to the Midwest with a goal of landing in New Orleans some time in the next two years. I'm self taught in all aspects of design, harking back to the bygone era of MySpace custom flash layouts. I have an eye for pattern and a love for color that makes me a perfect candidate for working as a web designer. Combining my love of design with coding and helping others and I am a natural teacher of all things blog related. My first ever blog was created on AOL Hometowns back n 2003 so I have had a lot of time and experience watching Blog Land grow and evolve and become a place of sharing stories, reviewing products and even making enough money to help support their families. 

Elle Ay Esse began as a personal and lifestyle blog in 2013. Within a year it had risen to be a source of information on blogging, networking and design tips and tricks. In 2014 I created the EAE Design Studio and began taking clients. Working intimately together to create the perfect mix of branding and personality, I started noticing an increase in inquiries from my clients and other bloggers asking for tips on growing their blog, brand consistency and ways to monetize successfully with both brands and sponsors. In 2015 I launched my first creative coaching modules and began toying with the idea of creating a more extensive series of products designed by a blogger for bloggers and detailing all of the answers to the many questions I received via email.  

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• A blogger who is eager to rebrand your current home on the web:

I offer a wide range of options to consider when looking at what a rebrand will mean for you. From custom logos to Facebook page banners, I can make sure that you are 100% set and ready - complete with a big relaunch announcement on my own social media channels! See my Design Process here.

• A person who would like to start a blog but aren't sure how:

We will start first with an assessment of your needs and work together to build you the perfect blog. From design to one on one coaching, I will stand right by your (virtual) side and hold your (also virtual) hand while you take the first and most important step to creating your online presence. 

• A blogger who has already mastered your brand and needs a little help:

I now offer a full spectrum of virtual assistant options. Whether it be plugging in the SEO for your blog posts, helping you create and organize an editorial and content calendar or just making sure your social media stays on top, I can work with you to maximize your brand's impact.

• Anyone with passion and a creative spark who just needs a push:

I offer eBooks, creative coaching, life coaching or even just conversation to help you when you feel overwhelmed, get your sh!t together and make sure you meet all your goals for this and every year to come.

Then welcome home! 

I hope you enjoy reading all of my posts which share my knowledge of design and blogging. I hope my workbooks and courses and tutorials can help you boost your own products and features. And above all, I hope we will become fast friends.

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